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Anti Libido Pill (2010)

Makers of impotence pill Viagra have today released a pill to combat unwanted libido named 'Flopatron'.

Dr Chubbon commented in a press conference, '' Too much emphasis has been made on the humiliating effects of 'impotence' (taken from the Greek IM, Trying to, POT, thread a needle, ENCE, with a bowers sausage), when living day to day with an over active libido can be just as depilating"

He listed some of the benefits from taking his new drug .

Men can now surf the web for interesting or educational items without the continual lure of Mucky Sites.

Will be able to venture into meaningful relationships, taking into consideration their new partners personality, rather than nob-ab-ility.

The countries production will increase greatly by men no longer thinking of sex every 10 minutes.

Married women will be saved the 7 o'clock inbuilt alarm call every morning as their husband prods them awake.

''Its in our very nature to think about sex all day long'' he added ''after all its why we are here, but evolution hasn't allowed for the fact that we need to be doing other things on a daily basis rather than just rutting or thinking about it''


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Sat, 10th Oct 2009
TGV - did you shout STOP APOLOGISING !?
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Fri, 09th Oct 2009
Who is this Dr Chubbon?
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Fri, 09th Oct 2009
Oh yes BC, very drole.
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Fri, 09th Oct 2009
I must admit the word 'Flopatron' to me conjures up a 26 mile race of naked men and women all over the aged of 75. (Had to consider those amongst you who might read this when I chose the age there)
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Fri, 09th Oct 2009
I have to say sorry to all women who's men are addicted to this VD, you don't need pills. Realised I had reached the point of no return when the last time I had sex with LadyV I started shouting Alan's name out!!!!
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